Sewn Surfaces Mirror : Round

Sewn Surfaces Mirror : Round


Sewn surfaces explore the concept of sewing functional surfaces into the wall. Through the engineering and combination of basic materials, we have innovated a way to fool the eye and produce functional sculptures within your home or any commercial environment. Mirror stitches bolt in through a backing board holding the complete assembly together securely. Each mirror comes with its stitches pre-installed, wall stitches are installed on site. Each mirror includes a stitch and an ending for each side, additional stitches available upon request.  

1/4" low iron mirrored glass with a polished edge brass, copper, or nickel plated metal stitches. All hardware included for self-installation, please contact us with questions regarding layout or to arrange for installation services as needed.

36"D / Made to order 6-8 weeks 

Complimentary shipping within the USA

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